Factors to consider when buying custom lanyards in Australia

Lanyards are essential accessories that you must have in the work environment. They have proven to be perfect since they can be easily carried from the neck. For this reason, when you want any of your employees to wear badges, the best thing to do is to get custom lanyards for them. However, you must make sure that you have selected the best custom lanyards for your employees. This is because there are so many types of custom lanyards in the market today, and hence it becomes very tough for you to get the best ones.

In Australia,  employees are required to wear their badges so that you may not have a hard time distinguishing the employees from other people. As an employer in this place, great caution is required when you are buying custom lanyards. It sounds as if it is a simple task to do, but with the following factors in mind, you will buy the custom lanyards.


Consider the purpose of the custom lanyards.

One of the essential things that you need to consider is the role that will be played by the custom lanyards. This is because there are so many types of employees, and they will use their custom lanyards differently. Most of them will use them for carrying identification badges while others will attach their keys to them. For this reason, you must define the type of roles you want the custom lanyards to play. There are different custom lanyards on the market with various features depending on how you use the custom lanyards. Make sure that you buy the custom lanyards that will be comfortable for your employees.


Consider the materials used in making the custom lanyards

The materials that are used in making custom lanyards are also another factor that you need to think about when you are buying custom lanyards. This is because different materials can be used in making custom lanyards. Some of these materials include polyester, nylon, cotton, and leather. All these types of materials have their advantages and disadvantages. They also cost differently. You need to consider the kind of materials that are used in making the custom lanyards that you are going to buy. Make sure that you purchase the custom lanyards that are made of the best materials.


Select the design of the custom lanyards you want

Custom lanyards also come in various designs.  You have to decide on the design of the custom lanyards that you want to buy. Some of these designs include the beaded, flat, woven, and others that look like ropes. You must ensure that the design of the custom lanyards.  There are times when the type of material that is used in making the custom lanyards will determine the design of the custom lanyards that you will buy. However, this is one of the decisions that you have to make before purchasing your custom lanyards.


Consider the weight of the custom lanyards

Custom lanyards are of different weights. Some of the custom lanyards are heavy, while others are very light. The neck will always hang most of these custom lanyards, and hence you must make sure that they are not heavy.  Always ensure that you get the custom lanyards that the wearers will be able to carry with a lot of comforts.


Find out the cost of the custom lanyards

When you order custom lanyards from Australia, you will see that their cost varies depending on some factors. Some of these custom lanyards are expensive, while others are cheap. The materials and designs of the custom lanyards will determine the cost of the custom lanyards in Australia.  You have to make sure that you buy custom lanyards that will fit in your budget.


Find the Best Whale Watching in Hervey Bay

Celebrate the Whales in Queensland

Whale Watching – An Experience to Remember

When it comes to finding an awesome experience, going to Hervey Bay to watch the migrating whales is definitely at the top of the bucket list. What better way to learn about nature than to experience it in person? This is not just a boring nature channel show. This is the real thing. It’s heart-thumping, breathtaking action with a creature that brings the awesome beauty of nature.

Humpback whales are friendly, fun-loving creatures that want to get as close to us as we want to get to them. They are highly intelligent, playful creatures, and when on a whale tour, tourists get to experience these regal creatures up close and personal. One of the most remarkable things to do is join them in the ocean. Tourists can hire a tour boat to get them out on the water, or they can even join the others around them by swimming out on a surfboard, canoeing out, or taking out a raft directly to the whales. What a humbling experience!

Coming close to these breathtaking creatures can make any of the tourists feel passionate about nature. How can such an encounter be topped by anything else? Heart-pounding, mind-blowing beauty literally within the reach of one’s hand is an unbelievable event that will never be forgotten. More information can be found here: https://www.whalesong.com.au

When coming from the cold waters in the Antarctic, they stop in the waters off Queensland. This gives them much-needed time to rest from their long journey. It gives the mother whales time to teach their calves how to survive in the ocean. Best of all, it gives humans time to get to know them, at least for the period from July to November. They stay longest in Hervey Bay, so Hervey Bay is definitely the best place to go to experience this life-altering occurrence.

Much Needed Rest and Revitalisation

When their migration from Antarctica to warmer waters is done, it’s clear to see that the humpback whales are definitely not in any hurry. They swim between 5 and 15 kilometres an hour, which makes them wonderfully easy to locate and watch. They love to interact with the humans who come to see them and often love to show off for their captive audiences. They often breach water and slap their tails against the water. Another antic is what is called “spy-hopping,” when they float halfway out of the water.

Yet another experience to enjoy is when they come directly up to the boat a person is in, and roll to one side, giving the person a chance to look directly into their eye. It’s a breathtaking, heart-stopping sight that will stay with that person for the remainder of their life.

One experience of note is to get to listen to their songs. Only the males sing, and each family of whales has its own version of whale song, though it may differ slightly from year to year. Some of these songs can last up to 30 minutes. Amazingly, these songs can even be heard from up to 30 kilometres away.

Coming to experience the whales is an unequalled experience because a person is able to not just enjoy the sights and sounds of the whales, but they also learn a little more about the regal members of our ocean-going family. Learning their little quirks and understanding their needs is an essential part of the whale watching experience. Come to Hervey Bay and find the experience of a lifetime!

Surrounding Activities

Lawn Bowls: Bowling Green Etiquette for the Novice

Lawn bowls now remains one of those few games where etiquettes and manners still play a major role. Ask anyone who is a senior lawn bowls payer, they would tell you that the rules and etiquettes were much more stringent a few decades ago. Though the rules are pretty much common sense, but the following are a few rules of etiquettes for the game of lawn bowls.

It is necessary to dress in the appropriate attire. This is easy when you know the dress code for the game. Make sure you reach the venue on time so you can show that you are genuinely interested in playing the game. This is also a way of showing that you respect your opponent. It would also lave you ample time to change into the gaming clothes, your specialised lawn bowl shoes and headwear.

At the start of the game

  • One should enter and leave the bowling area along the steps which have been provided
  • Make sure you don’t walk across rinks being used by other people
  • Avoid sitting on the banks while waiting for your turn to play. This is because while sitting on the banks some people’s feet’s touch the green and this can cause damage to the green.

When the game is in progress

  • Avoid moving around the head when the other player is delivering their bowl. This can cause distraction for your opponent and wouldn’t reflect well on you. Make sure you only move once the bowl has been delivered
  • If you find yourself at the same end as that of your opponent, make sure you stand behind them away from their line of vision
  • Avoid obscuring the rink boundaries because some people prefer watching those while they play. When it’s sunny avoid obscuring the jack with your shadow
  • Once the bowl has been delivered, the player should either move towards the mat or towards the head, taking a position in between should be avoided
  • Spectators who are in the line of vision of the player must avoid movement and distractions as well.
  • Make sure you care for the bowling greens. Avoid dropping the bowls on the green. Ensure that you don’t cause any scruff marks while delivering the bowl.
  • Avoid dropping litter on the greens
  • In a game of fours the score is kept by the second. In a pair’s game the skips should take the score
  • The skip’s job is to direct the game. Players should ensure that they play the shot which has been directed by the skip. In a game of fours, the third is responsible to direct the skip. In triples and pairs the second and the lead do the same. Interference from other players is not required until stated specifically.

Keeping all the above mentioned rules in mind would ensure that the bowl game is enjoyed by both the spectators and the players alike. Observing etiquette is one way to make the most of the game. If you are interested in playing lawn bowls, make sure you follow these rules to a tee.