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Lawn Bowls: Bowling Green Etiquette for the Novice

Lawn bowls now remains one of those few games where etiquettes and manners still play a major role. Ask anyone who is a senior lawn bowls payer, they would tell you that the rules and etiquettes were much more stringent a few decades ago. Though the rules are pretty much common sense, but the following are a few rules of etiquettes for the game of lawn bowls.

It is necessary to dress in the appropriate attire. This is easy when you know the dress code for the game. Make sure you reach the venue on time so you can show that you are genuinely interested in playing the game. This is also a way of showing that you respect your opponent. It would also lave you ample time to change into the gaming clothes, your specialised lawn bowl shoes and headwear.

At the start of the game

  • One should enter and leave the bowling area along the steps which have been provided
  • Make sure you don’t walk across rinks being used by other people
  • Avoid sitting on the banks while waiting for your turn to play. This is because while sitting on the banks some people’s feet’s touch the green and this can cause damage to the green.

When the game is in progress

  • Avoid moving around the head when the other player is delivering their bowl. This can cause distraction for your opponent and wouldn’t reflect well on you. Make sure you only move once the bowl has been delivered
  • If you find yourself at the same end as that of your opponent, make sure you stand behind them away from their line of vision
  • Avoid obscuring the rink boundaries because some people prefer watching those while they play. When it’s sunny avoid obscuring the jack with your shadow
  • Once the bowl has been delivered, the player should either move towards the mat or towards the head, taking a position in between should be avoided
  • Spectators who are in the line of vision of the player must avoid movement and distractions as well.
  • Make sure you care for the bowling greens. Avoid dropping the bowls on the green. Ensure that you don’t cause any scruff marks while delivering the bowl.
  • Avoid dropping litter on the greens
  • In a game of fours the score is kept by the second. In a pair’s game the skips should take the score
  • The skip’s job is to direct the game. Players should ensure that they play the shot which has been directed by the skip. In a game of fours, the third is responsible to direct the skip. In triples and pairs the second and the lead do the same. Interference from other players is not required until stated specifically.

Keeping all the above mentioned rules in mind would ensure that the bowl game is enjoyed by both the spectators and the players alike. Observing etiquette is one way to make the most of the game. If you are interested in playing lawn bowls, make sure you follow these rules to a tee.